Must-know Tips for Coastal Gardening

While people would most likely think about vast sand when it comes to beaches, did you know
that there is a way to beautify the coast stretch with coastal or seaside gardening? If you are
looking for a way to properly landscape your beach house, here are some helpful tips and tricks
that you can consider for coastal gardening.

What is costal gardening?

Before we head onto the different tips and tricks you must know when it comes to coastal
gardening, let us first know what costal or seaside gardening exactly is. Much like it is called,
seaside gardening is a type of gardening and landscaping technique that is basically located
along the coast or beaches. While the concept behind coastal gardening is basically the same
with any other gardening method, what makes seaside gardening unique is the characteristic
and the soil type which is mainly loose and sandy. Taking this into consideration, some say the
costal gardens have very specific features that are catered to factors related to a coastal

Must-know coastal gardening tips

As mentioned earlier, costal gardens differ from your usual lawn and porch garden basically
because of its environment and location. Taking this into consideration, it is safe to say that
making your own costal garden would be a whole lot different and difficult to pull off. With that,
here are some notable tips and tricks as to how you should start making and designing your
coastal garden:

Know your environment

When it comes to coastal and seaside gardening, one of the first things you should look into is
your target side as well as the general weather condition in the area. As mentioned earlier,
coasts are characterized by loose sandy soil that is not particularly suited for a wide range of
plants. Aside from that, the general humidity, wind, and salt air can affect the quality of the soil
and the overall living conditions for the plants in your garden. Thus, it is important that you
choose plants that would thrive under these conditions as well as design your garden in a way
that would prevent erosion and shelter the plants from harmful weather.

Choose plants suited for coastal gardening

Taking into consideration that the environmental characteristics of beaches and coasts are not as
favourable as compared to the loamy soil of your front porch, there would be limited types of
plants that would thrive under these conditions. Some of the plants you can have in your
seaside garden include daylilies, sea oats, red-hot pokers, gaillardias, yarrows, lantanas,
gazanias, lavenders, hydrangeas, junipers, portulacas, and similar plant families.
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